ANDROMEDA SHPK was created to bring the human to human element back to marketing development.

ANDROMEDA SHPK is a multi-industry research, observation, education, failures, and successes in understanding the special dialogue that connects human sales people with human buyers.

Why Andromeda?

With Andromeda, you can put together a perfect solution that accommodates your business objectives. We’ll help you realize the power of end-to-end performance testing, and achieve extraordinary success.


Product Design

Web App Development

Acquisition Funnel Analysis

Scalability Potential of Paid Media

We Generate Appointments

B2B Outbound Marketing

B2C Outbound Marketing

Product Design

Validate innovative ideas, develop niche product concepts and create the blueprint for your product’s success, with Andromeda Shpk. Approach Digital experience designs from consumers’ point of view and deliver solutions centered around their problems. Andromeda Shpk helps you negate the risks of broken user flows and unnecessary features by working on ideas and solutions with digital experience design services.

We begin our engagement by first understanding your users or customers on an emotional and psychological level. Designers in this stage spend a reasonable amount of time conducting user interviews and drawing empathy & customer journey maps to gain fundamental insights into their motivations, expectations, and pain points.

User interviews and empathy & customer journey maps equip our teams with data that defines your customers’ exact problems. Designers spend time making sense of data and conducting product workshops to identify problems you need to solve.

Web App Development

Build a robust, scalable, and fully functional application with the right team and technology stack that aligns with your business goals. Be it Single Page Applications, Progressive Web Apps, or any complex web app, our full-stack developers provide world-class frontend and backend services.

Get a beautiful website that wins customers.

Elevate your business with a trusted website that your customers will love. Our website designers will represent your brand in the best possible way. Your website will load extremely fast and look great on all devices.

Acquisition Funnel Analysis

Deep-dive analysis of the full marketing funnel from website visitors to Closed-Won, through every stage.

Earn Brand Visibility and Media Recognition as a Leading Company on Clutch

Scalability Potential of

Paid Media

Insights on paid media campaigns with the highest pipeline ROI. Profitably drive demand using historical data, and reallocate spend from inefficient campaigns.

Market Your Company. Delight Customers.

Build thought leadership and brand recognition with our exclusive marketing programs.

We Generate Appointments, You Close More Deals

Andromeda is Albanian leading appointment setting company, providing you with advanced technology and appointment setters who schedule more meetings and generate more sales leads.

How does it work?

Andromeda is a conversation-driven marketing and sales platform that uses real people to gather insights over the phone. It’s scalable, efficient, and seamlessly integrated within your existing workflow.

B2B Outbound Marketing

If you are considering a telemarketing firm for B2B outbound marketing solutions, look no further. Quality Contact Solutions is your premier choice for B2B outbound marketing.

Our expertise in Telemarketing Lead Generation, Appointment Setting, Outsourced Telemarketing and Qualified Sales Leads delivery shows the versatility and expansive knowledge our team has.

B2B Outbound Marketing Sales Success Factors

We work with you to define the following:

B2C Outbound Marketing

Using outbound marketing has become a cost-effective solution for organizations looking to increase sales with the help of outside expertise. Today, using B2C outbound marketing service provider resources has become an effective way to reduce the time and costs associated with internal outbound telemarketing, while giving your organization access to all of the benefits that an outsourced marketing service provider has to offer.

By utilizing our business to business lead generation services, your sales team is supplied with a steady stream of qualified leads to help you hit your sales goal.

At Andromeda , 100% of our workstations have an omni-channel capability. In short, this means that the same workstation can seamlessly handle an inbound call, outbound call, email, text or chat.

Andromeda Shpk

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